The Moston Small Cinema was built in 2012 thanks to an artist in residence scheme

  • Lead artist Sam Meech / Re-Dock
  • Commissioned by Kerenza McClarnan / Buddleia
  • Funded by Manchester City Council Community and Cultural Services
  • supported by Zest and Northwards Housing


Huge, huge thanks to the following people and organisations:


Project Contributors:

Lou, Joe, Paula and all the folk at Miners Community Centre, NEPHRA Knit and Natter group / FC Utd / Brian Lever / Joseph and the Moston Lane businesses / Deanway DIY, Kath Harvey and the M40 residents group, Ross McGuigan and Pauline Clarke (MCC), Kerenza (Buddleia), Edith Shufflebottom, Owt Creative (print design)



Cinema Builders:

Special Thanks to the ‘hardcore’ building veterans:

John Marley, John Barker, Paul Murphy, Willie Meech, Howard Patient, Swampy (DJ), and young Steve!


Cinema building volunteers:

Andy, Angela, Anthony, Barry, Ben M, Bev, Danny, Becky, Chris, Cristiano, Colin, Craig, Dale, Dami & Debo, David S, David M, Dean, Emma, Ethan Fred, Gerry, Graham, Harry, Joe, John G, Kay, Lou, Matt, Maudi, Mike, Nathan, Paul W, Richard , Roy, Sarah, Sam K, Saul, Shane, Steve W, Swampy, Tracy and the kids.


Materials, equipment and expertise donated by:

  • Miners Community Arts and Music Centre (space, butties)
  • Eversheds (carpet tiles!)
  • Plaza Community Cinema (seats)
  • HMG Paints (paint)
  • H & J Timber, Failsworth (timber)
  • Hug Project (materials)
  • Vanguard (roller shutters)
  • Northwards Housing (projector)
  • Fine Castings Ltd (oscars)
  • Claire Grainger (PR)
  • Jane Leach (architecture consultancy)

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